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MAR3400 – Individual Paper #1

“Dream Job: Disney”Introduction

My “dream job” is to work for Disney. Disney is a solid company and is known for spreading happiness via their various products and services. Thankfully, I have received an offer to enter their Leadership Development Program as a Sales Representative for one of their largest services! I will be selling “Disney Meetings and Events” to corporate event planners on a B2B context, utilizing the face-to-face sales function.

Company Description

The Walt Disney Company was founded October 16, 1923, almost 100 years ago! Disney has produced an abundance of famous films and has evolved overtime, acquiring ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm. They have found opportunity in the streaming disruptor, by adding HULU and Disney Plus to their portfolio. Beyond their movie and television talent, they have “magical” theme parks located throughout the world and sell merchandise via e-commerce, brick and mortar and licenses. They also have their own cruise line! Disney’s customers exhibit an unwavering brand loyalty. Disney is known for outstanding customer service, which is achieved by endlessly inspiring and motivating their “Cast Members.”

Product, Key Features and Benefits, Special “Secret” Sauce

I am excited to sell “Disney Meetings and Events” to corporate event planners. Disney has successfully sustained an outstanding work environment for all their employees, which has led to superior customer service, innovative ideas, and an abundance of highly motivated engaged employees.

Features and benefits of choosing Disney Meetings and Events for your corporation:

Attendance and Engagement

Unique and creative programs that draw your employees in

Supply: Venue, catering, entertainment, logistics and marketing support

Types of Corporate Events

Team-Building Retreats

Award Ceremonies

Employee Appreciation

Company Milestones

Product Launches

Charity Events


Board Meetings

The Disney Difference

Pre- & Post-Event Stays

Marketing Assistance

Creative Resources

Customer Experience

Added Value & ROE

Environmental Footprint

Disney Institute Content

Leverage Disney’s Professional Development and Team-Building Expertise

Disney Institute

Disney has proven that they are a global leader in maintaining a fun, creative, engaging, and dynamic workplace for their employees. The way they motivate their employees to go above and beyond is what makes Disney special i.e., it’s their secret sauce. Fortunately for other corporations, Disney sells this highly sought-after knowledge via professional development seminars and keynote presentations, which are made available when choosing Disney Meetings and Events.

Markets and Customers

Disney’s targeted customers are organizations seeking the benefits of experiencing unique and compelling events that will teach them how to convey their organization’s message. Disney not only offers in person meetings and events, but also online trainings via their institute. The online experience has benefited many businesses, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


“Best Chevrolet’s customer satisfaction accelerated above 90% to lead in customer retention.”

“Everyone who goes comes back excited with new ideas and inspires others with their enthusiasm. We have found that it’s the best way to keep our culture alive.” – Scott Schulman President & Owner, Best Chevrolet

“Humana saved $50 million thanks to improving customer service and reducing staff turnover.”

“Through this work with Disney Institute, our people get to really learn from the experts about culture and the ways to implement that culture. It’s not just sitting and listening in a conference room. It’s getting out in the field and seeing how it’s done.” – Jason Fonder Perfect Experience Director

“The NFL’s fan initiative scored big in customer service and engagement at Super Bowl XLVI.”

“We want to make sure the fan experience is of the same world-class nature as the game and the show. So we turned to the company that is world-renowned for exceptional customer service.” – Frank Supovitz Senior Vice President for Events, National Football League

As a Disney Sales Representative of Meetings and Events, I will speak to leaders of organizations, i.e., the CEO and Vice President or their corporate event planners and explain how their company will benefit from investing in Disney’s successful, unique, and inspiring model.

Various organization’s needs:

Build leadership skills

Convert disengaged employees to engaged employees

Change internal company behavior, organizational culture

Inspire innovative ideas

Realize ROI

I will communicate directly with CEO’s, Vice President, or corporate event planner (whichever is applicable) and assist them in choosing which program they would like to purchase based on their underlining needs. They may choose to buy face-to-face events or online events; each are unique in their own way. After the organization experiences the benefits of Disney’s Meetings and Events, I would ensure that B2B referrals were utilized to increase my clientele. CEO’s may be concerned that they will not realize a return on their investment. I will supply passed testimonials, statistics and analytical data that will alleviate any concerns they may have.

Buying/Selling Process

When an organization is interested in Disney’s Meetings and Events services, they can visit the website and submit a request:

Submit a Disney Request for Proposal or easily attach their own RFP.

After review (1-2 business days), I will contact the potential client to begin designing their unique event plan. I would prefer to meet face-to-face as non-verbal communication is extremely important.

If I am provided an organization’s information, i.e., referral for a potential interested corporation:

I will graciously reach out to the prospective client and ask to meet face-to-face, gather the information that is needed, analyze the data and create the best event plan for the organization.

Completing the Sale

Describe Disney’s background and success in customer service

Listen to the customer and learn what their needs are

Explain how Disney’s Meetings and Events can benefit them and supply passed testimonials

Create an initial draft of the plan and review with the customer

Adjust the plan accordingly, adding more events or tailoring others to satisfy the needs

Meet with the customer for final review

Follow up with the customer to ensure satisfaction, obtain feedback and future client prospects


I am excited about this simulation and learning more about the Sales Representative position at Disney. I know that the skills I acquire will benefit me in any career I pursue. I would love to work for Disney, the happiest place on Earth!


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