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Kentucky fried chicken swot analysis

Kentucky fried chicken is one of the few companies which has stood the test of time and continues to thrive in its environment as it is a company with so many opportunities, threats, opportunities, and other factors which come into play and which are very important when looked objectively. This is a company that has a lot of positive impacts on society and at the same time, it has a lot of negative impacts, so many opportunities as well as threats towards its operations and running. It is a company that is a preference for so many people when it comes to chicken because of its special herbs which make their chicken taste so good. Therefore with all these I hereby provide a SWOT analysis of KFC company (Frue, 2019).


Very well-known business

New non-meat options

Use of secret herbs and spices

Share of a cooperate owner with other companies Weaknesses

Poor service and lack of cleanliness

Questionable franchise system

Supply chain and problematic distribution issues

Managing franchises

Lack of product innovation outside chicken


Experimentation with food to meet customer quality

Opportunities to expand to new geographical areas

Focus on low cost and healthy

Ability to thrive very well in new markets Threats

Changing food trends and preferences

The challenge of food quality

A lot of competition from other companies

Economic fluctuations

KFC has so many strengths and this can be attributed to its continued presence in all the markets of the world till the present day. This is because its strengths make the business continue thriving and it enables it to retain most of its customers and makes sure that everything is perfectly done. Below are the strengths of KFC (Omer, 2018).

Popularity and very well known – KFC is very widely known and there is no need for a person to introduce another towards KFC since it is one of the very few brands which at the mention of their name a person can know that it is all about chicken. Therefore it makes things easy and possible for this company as its popularity is already a selling point.

With the company realizing that there are options for it to get defeated by other companies especially when it comes to vegetarians it has brought into place options and foodstuffs which are for the vegetarians and therefore this makes it possible for the company to capture both those who take meat and the vegetarians whom meat to them is not the first option due to either health issues or personal decisions.

Secret herbs and spices- KFC uses herbs and spices in preparing their chicken and all their foods. However, these remain a product of KFC and therefore it has never been possible for the company to expose them which has served for a long time as one of the major strengths of this company. This is because no one else can copy their cooking mechanisms because without the knowledge of which herbs and which spices are used in making the chicken then it becomes very difficult for them to even cook anything close to what KFC prepares and therefore this leaves it as a leading fast-food producer.

The company has weaknesses as well and these include poor quality and lack of proper customer care services as seen by most of its customers in most places and therefore this acts as a detriment towards its success. As it is a common problem with most fast-food providers the company also experiences supply chain and distribution problems. Apart from these the company also has questionable franchise management as well as a lack of product innovation apart from the chicken.

With the popularity, its many customers, and its ability to create new and more ventures KFC gets so many opportunities through which they can easily make their customers access their service thus make more money. These include their ability o open their branches in different parts of the world, they can focus on low cost and healthy food, it can do very well in new markets among other factors which make it one of the best companies with many opportunities to venture into (Omer, 2018).

However, it also has threats and these threats act as a diminishing power towards its glory and success. For example, the change in food trends and preferences whereby people stop taking a lot of chicken or a lot of fast foods make it prone to lose its customers and therefore this makes the business to some extent fail. The other threats include competition by other businesses which have entered into this market and also the challenge of food quality (Frue, 2019).

Therefore KFC even though successful to a large extent is still struggling with issues for its survival in its current market share and place as it makes efforts to remain relevant within the market. It also faces a lot of threats that have to be dealt with if the company is to be successful in its operations.


Frue, K. (2019). SWOT Analysis of KFC. Retrieved April 5, 2021, from

Omer, S. K. (2018). SWOT analysis: The tool of organization stability (KFC) as a case study. Journal of Process Management. New Technologies, 6(4), 27-34.

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